March 1, 2020

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My new hunting eBook with stories from hunting all around the world as well as a huge number of examples how hunting is helping to preserve wildlife and save nature conservation has been published and made it to #1 Bestseller ebook for hunting. Current release is only available in German language yet.

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Hand-in-Hand for our wildlife

As passionate hunter and nature lover the author talks a lot about the positive impact ethical and sustainable hunting has all around the world on our wildlife and communities. Starting from Europe where hunters help the game by planting hedges and protection areas to preserve the wildlife in todays ever increasing automatisation of the farming industry which destroyed a lot of landscape. In Afrika controlled hunting has helped in many countries like Namibia or Southafrica to stop the loss of species and even increased the number of game as well as delivered a lot of jobs and financial help for the local communities. Hunting done in the right way is saving the nature and game but there are many black sheeps out there destroying the reputations of hunters.

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