April 10, 2020

Get Connected

If you want to see me live you can visit me on the two biggest hunting shows in Europe the “Jagd&Hund” in Dortmund/Germany or the “Hohejagd” in Salzburg Austria. Beside this I’m also regularly on network and speakers events like JT Foxx Mega Success, Thespeakersarena, VCI events like in South Afria and many many more.

Speakersarena 2019 in Nuremberg
Fitline Kickoff event in Mannheim Germany
Hohe Jagd Huntign show in Austria
VCI Networking Event – Pretoria Hotel Johannesburg Southafrica
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Get Connected.

Here you can connect with me!

Let’s Talk About Your Health

If you are interessted in improving your health, fitness and life we should have a talk and we can find a dedicated nutrition program for you!

Let’s Talk About Hunting and Nature Conservation

If you are interessted in nature conservation and hunting trips world wide we should talk and I can organize tailor made trips for you!

Let’s Talk About Your Passiv Income

If you are tired of your day to day job or just want to earn some passiv income next to it we should have a talk on the different options that are out there.